Since I launched my company almost a year ago, we have consciously made changes to reduce our carbon footprint and source sustainable materials wherever possible. That is the St Palo way!
— Camila Sadler

Our Climate Promise

Our Palo Santo oil is from sustainably harvested trees that fall naturally in the forest. The local suppliers propagate and replant more gorgeous Palo Santo trees with their profits. Our necklaces and diffusers are all now handmade in the UK and our diffuser blend bottles are recyclable. All of our other essential oils aer organic or wild so no chemicals are used in their making.

We are in the process of implementing biodegradable bags to store the pendants that prevent them from tarnishing. No more single use plastics! We are also in the process of switching to *even more* sustainable packaging with the goal of all our packaging being not only compostable but 100% recycled materials in the near future.