Aromatherapy was not only a comforting way to remember my mother, it was very helpful in dealing with such a difficult time in my life. It quickly became my passion, and I took the time to understand how to blend various oils for myself and for my friends
— Camila Sadler, Founder, St Palo


Inspired by her own personal journey, founder of St Palo, Camila Sadler, combined her love of essential oils and beautiful jewellery to create a stylish and functioning aromatherapy diffuser necklace to use in everyday life.

Following the sudden death of her mother in 2015, Camila discovered the use of aromatherapy through a book found amongst her Argentine mother’s possessions and soon began to implement the art of this well regarded holistic therapy.

Camila Sadler, founder of St Palo

Camila Sadler, founder of St Palo

The use of aromatherapy and essential oils had a transforming effect on Camila’s life, allowing her to thrive and find peace following her Mother’s passing. She decided that she wanted to both share and continue this therapeutic practice but struggled to find a solution to do so with current methods or products available in the marketplace. This prompted the design of the St Palo aromatherapy diffusing necklace. A luxurious comfort you can wear every day - allowing you to restore and recharge as many times as you need.

Today Camila works from a studio in London, crafting the blends in small batches by hand. Her focus remains on finding useful and meaningful ways to transport aromatherapy and therapeutic scent, creating beautiful wellbeing.