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I wear mine truly every day. I find it so effective for stress and anxiety relief
— - Annabel Jones, LA
St Palo diffuser necklace set

The St Palo aromatherapy diffuser necklace is a new way to experience the benefits of beauty and wellbeing through aromatherapy. Paired with our collection of 6 St Palo diffuser essential oil blends, this necklace is the best essential oil diffusing aromatherapy jewellery for those or us that crave luxurious comfort that can be worn everyday. The portable diffuser allows us to carry our wellbeing with us in delicate vials of precious oil blends.

Each St Palo aromatherapy diffuser necklace is presented in a luxury box made out of sustainable cardboard, complete with an exclusive Spirit of St Palo aromatherapy diffuser oil blend. 

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Each St Palo aromatherapy diffuser necklace set contains:

  • 27” Adjustable Sterling Silver Chain

  • Silver Plated Pendant

  • Spirit of St Palo Essential Oil Blend Diffuser

  • Cotton Travel Bag

  • Information Booklet


The Spirit of St Palo signature blend

Spirit of St Palo is our signature ‘balancing and relaxing’ blend which brings together two oils from the same botanical family: frankincense, and palo santo - a rare and spiritual oil sourced from the Ecuadorian Bursera Graveolens or Palo Santo tree. Inhale this soft, earthy scent and feel tension melt away, leaving you inspired and fulfilled. This wood and its essential oil comes from an environmentally conscious source where the tree is harvested sustainably.