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Carry your comfort with you

Balance your senses with the St Palo Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace. The St Palo Necklace provides you with a moment, at any point in your day where you can restore and recharge, as many times as you need. Our cleverly crafted pendants unscrew to carry a self-diffusing vial containing one of seven organic aromatherapy blends.


When finding the right blend for you, follow your intuition. Whether you are drawn by your sense of smell or your gut feelings.


Diffusing essential oil blends

Our special collection of essential oil aromatherapy blends, offer you a scent to match your mood at any moment

I’m in love with the St Palo necklace and oil blends! I’m very sensitive to perfumes and scents and these oils are perfectly strong yet subtle and natural. I love the variety of the scents and how each day I feel pulled to one over the others.
— Hayley Ward, L A