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St Palo Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

St Palo diffuser blends are artisan essential oil blends which are organic and/or wild. Choose a blend to match your mood at any moment and carry it with you in our St Palo aromatherapy diffusing necklace.

I write little wishes inside my St Palo diffuser necklace. Today I’m wearing No.5 ‘REST YOUR THOUGHTS’ and I wish for gratitude.
— Jac Duckworth

Spirit of St Palo,
our signature blend
is included with
every necklace set.


Breathe in serenity


helps with: stress, anxiety, inner strength

key notes of lavender, juniper and frankincense

Focus your mind

st-palo-aromatherapy-necklace-oil-blend 2.jpg

helps with: focus, creativity, inspiration, low energy

key notes of lemon, lavender and rosemary

Lift your spirit


helps with: anxiety, depression, low mood, stress

key notes of grapefruit, sweet orange and bergamot

Find your centre


helps with: stress, fatigue, motivation and mental stamina

ket notes of marjoram, holy basil and coriander

Rest your thoughts


helps with: insomnia, releasing tension, depression, anxiety

key notes of bergamot, ho wood and ylang ylang

Balance your rhythm


helps with: PMS, hormonal balancing, anxiety, low mood, stress

key notes of lavender, frankincense, clary sage and geranium


How to change your blend

Always place the diffuser lids back on when not in use, that way they last longer for you.
Remember you can use your new pouch to keep lids and spare diffusers safe in your bag or pocket.
Place your diffuser inside your pendant, keep it around your neck and you may stand a little taller that day.