Finding your perfect essential oil blend


When it comes to the world of essential oils and aromatherapy, intuition is a powerful tool. But it’s important that we research the basics too. First off, the basic guidelines are key to staying safe with essential oils and ensuring good quality and practice. You can read more about safely using essential oils on our FAQs page.

There are more than 90 essential oils by name and so many variants of each, it can get overwhelming but if you stick to a small group to begin with, you will find life much easier. I first learned about essential oils from a book my mother left me that I remember from my childhood. Finding a point of referral is important, be it from the internet or a sentimental old dusty book, just make sure it’s a reputable source.

Some of us know immediately to ask for the blends that help with stress or anxiety, others don’t mind at all about the purpose but would prefer to choose with their senses. I once even had a lady who had lost her sense of smell but tested the oils all the same and found an ingredient that she could actually sense with her nose!

I decided to play a game with some passers by and offered to hide the blend info until they had chosen their favourites (intuition is a powerful tool) what happened next was wonderful as it turned out that out of 5 women, each and every single one found that their chosen blends were not only a match in terms of smell, on paper the properties of the oils provided exactly the things they felt they were missing.

As long as you know the basics and you have made an informed choice on your set of oils, why not let yourself experiment with intuition and see where it takes you.


Camila Sadler